Reclamation Crusade

2800998.M41: Liberation of Tarsis

2845998.M41: Official sanction of a reclamation crusade for the Persephone Sector is granted by the Officio Munititorum. 478 Imperial Guard regiment summoned.

2890998.M41: Black Templar Persephone Crusade established by Marshal Emmerich

2894998.M41: three more Chapters of Adeptus Astartes contribute forces to the crusade consisting of: 2nd and 4th Imperial Fists, 3rd 5th 10th Stormcrow, 1st 3rd 4th 7th 10th Ascending Angels.

First Purging

2935998.M41: Ascealon, Fortinbras, Malcornis systems reclaimed from independant governments; no significant losses.

2000999.M41: Pealonix, Ghalorth, Bherrisal, Xanedo reclaimed from traitor forces; 20%-87% losses for 49 Imperial Guard Regiments, no significant Astartes losses.

(the begining of 999.M41 sees a dramatic rise of piratical raids on the systems previously reclaimed)

2105999.M41: Cryanx, Chlovis, Vhegonbre and Zharant are reclaimed. 36%-94% losses for 73 Imperial Regiments. Cvolinth and Shawen are put under Exterminatus in order to eliminate chaos taint.

2235999.M41: Death of the Deamon Prince Xlothromondus on Hvilindus. The planet is then put under Exterminatus.

End of First Purging